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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer. It is Wednesday, May the 20th, a bit more news today than yesterday, thankfully, let’s take a look.

Amazon’s first major game to hit the market is coming out today, it’s called Crucible. The last time I talked about this I said that it didn’t look very distinctive, and I want to backtrack on that just a bit. When Crucible was first announced, it was going to be a battle royale game, and now its a third person hero shooter with MOBA elements. It sounds like a combination of words I’m not interested in, but what has piqued my interest are the game modes. They’ve got three, and they’re pretty unique. The first is a 4 vs 4 mode where you are competing to take down essentially in-game bosses, instead of each other. The second is fairly close to a battle royale — its 8 teams of 2, except if there are two teams who are down to a single member, then those two people can form a temporary alliance to have a better chance of getting to the end of the game. Finally, the third mode is 8 vs 8 people, which is all about controlling zones to rack points, which I would say is a typical shooter game mode. I just thought that variety in these modes was very interesting, 4v4, 8v8, and a battle royale, all with their own unique rulesets. The game is free to play, so there’s definitely no harm in checking it out when it arrives, maybe it’ll be worth your while.

Playstation Now has reached 2.2 million subscribers, which Sony revealed in a presentation recently. Despite the service launching six years ago, they more than doubled the number of subscribers in the last year. Now this is an interesting one because it is both a streaming service, like Stadia, and a subscription service like the Xbox Game Pass, where you get access to a whole bunch of games. The reason for the recent increase in subscribers was attributed to a few things, notably the fact that you can now download games to your PS4 console, as opposed to just streaming it, makes things accessible to a lot more people. They also temporarily added more of their high-profile games to the service, like God of War and Spiderman. Of course worth noting that this 2.2 million number is dramatically smaller than the Xbox Game Pass, which has 10 million people on it.

Alright I’ve talked about the Mafia remastered trilogy before, but we now have the official details, as opposed to what we could glean from store listings. So, today Mafia 2 and 3 have definitive editions released on PC and all consoles. Mafia 2 will have a dramatic graphical increase, which is being called a remaster, with all of the extra content being bundled in. #3 probably won’t need such an improvement visually, so they’re also just cleaning things up and bundling all the content together. Both of those games can be bought individually for about $30. Mafia 1 is going to be arriving August 28th, and the reason for the delay is that its a complete remake. New game engine, updated script, and even additional cutscenes. This one will cost about $40. Alternatively, you can buy all three of the game in a bundle, which will cost about $60. The best news of it all though, if already own Mafia 2 on Steam, or Mafia 3 on Steam, Xbox, or Playstation, they’ll upgrade you for free to the new definitive editions. So very cool stuff there.

Alright we’ve got some more news here about Artifact, though there’s not a tremendous amount to say here. Basically if you haven’t been keeping up, this card game is going to be doing a complete overhaul after it totally flopped, and they are now ready to bring people into the beta for that. It’s gonna have new gameplay elements for sure, some new visuals, but also the biggest thing which is a new monetization system. If you own Artifact on Steam, then you’ll be getting an email for an invite to beta, which is limited and random, but things will slowly open up over time. By the way, if you are a card game fan and haven’t played Legends of Runeterra yet, I highly recommend it, I’ve been playing it a lot over the past few weeks. Very generous with cards, and it has the charm that Hearthstone is known for.

Alright folks, that’ll do it for today, thank you very much for joining me. I’d like to give a tremendous thank you to Rohan for leaving the gaming observer a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. That’s super helpful, and folks if you’d like to double dip on the review shoutouts by leaving one on podcast platforms, you are more than welcome to. That’ll be all for today, back with the news tomorrow, and until then…happy gaming everyone.