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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer for Friday, May the 22nd. Yes it almost the weekend, but first, we gotta talk about some video games right?

Civilization VI is free to keep on Epic

So the Epic Games Store just finished up giving away Grand Theft Auto V for free, today they revealed that this weeks free game is Civilization VI. So if you have interest in 4X strategy games, I’ve heard good things about this iteration. And from my own non-hardcore strategy gamer perspective, its a fun game. You’ll easily get hundreds of hours in it if you really want to, it can suck you in like nothing else. This is also a great time to get started, as Firaxis has also just released the newest DLC for the game, the first of six coming in the next year. As a reminder, this first one has two new civs, Maya and Gran Columbia, and a new Apocalypse mode, which revolves around lots of natural disasters. Go jump in, and be ready to say to yourself “just one more turn” over and over again.

DOOM Eternal removing anti-cheat software

Alright so anti-cheat has been in the headlines recently, this time thanks to Doom Eternal. After they updated the game recently, they added in an Anti-cheat software, because they have plans for more competitive gameplay in the multiplayer. Well, the developers came under fire for this because of its implementation on PC. Basically the software runs at the kernel-level, which gives it unlimited access to your computer. Reviews of the game promptly dropped like crazy, and the company has now decided to reverse their decision. They emphasized that claims of performance issues were unrelated to the anti-cheat, and that they will reevaluate the decision moving forward, giving specific mind to people who only want to play the campaign. You Riot’s Games’ Valorant was the most recent target of this, before DOOM, so its been in the conversation for a while. I think I’m of the mind that the complaints were a little excessive on all fronts, but certainly company’s can be doing a better job of listening to their players, and in this case Id Software seemed to take the feedback to heart.

Valorant launching June 2

Speaking of Valorant, it will officially be launching on June 2nd. The closed beta will end on May 28th, and everybody’s progress will be reset so that folks stay on an even playing field. This means the game goes free to play for everybody on PC. Launch day will bring new content, a game mode, and a map that hasn’t been seen before. People have been loving the game, apparently its a good cross between CS:GO and Overwatch, so maybe check it out when it launches in a few weeks.

Sea of Thieves arrives on Steam June 3

Sea of Thieves will be arriving on Steam on June 3rd, actually just one day after Valorant releases. Of course the game was already available on PC, even through the Xbox Game Pass, but this will open it up to a whole new audience. I know they’ve been supporting this game pretty heavily over the past few years, and I imagine it has had a number of improvements from its initial release. It’s definitely gotta be some silly fun with friends. Anyway, it arrives on the platform with a $40 price tag.

Ok folks that’s going to do it for today and for the week. I’d like to thank you very much for tuning in, and I’d also like to give a shoutout to Mo for being an awesome listener of the show, and to Kyle for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon. That’s going to do it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow talking all about Amazon’s Crucible, and back with the news on Monday. Until then my friends…Happy Gaming eveyrone.