CES 2020, Temtem, LotR: Gollum, more!

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from thegamingobserver.com and welcome to your daily gaming update for Tuesday, January 7th. Let’s get started shall we?

Alright so I stayed up late today to watch Sony’s CES presentation, where people generally figured they’d have an announcement or two to make, but unfortunately they really did not. They said that they have sold 106M PS4 consoles to-date, with basically the same amount of monthly active users. They promoted some features of the PS5, such as an ultra high-speed SSD, raytracing, and ultra-HD blu-ray. Also they showed off the logo for the PS5 for the first time, and it is exactly what you would expect, there’s no surprises on it at all. So if you were hoping for something fun tonight, I’m sorry but there’s really nothing. That being said if you are big on hardware and technical specs, you might want to check out some of the other presentations. They announced a new 360Hz gaming monitor, some info about the Xbox Series X, as well as some new features for VR, so check that out if it’s up your alley, but otherwise it seems like us gamers didn’t get much this year.

The President of Square Enix released a letter to the public on their website, which actually came out on January 1st but I totally missed. Essentially it was a reflection of 2019 as well as the year to come, with a big focus on the new technologies that they will be taking advantage of. Primarily, game streaming thanks to services like Stadia, Geforce NOW, and Microsoft xCloud. He says here “We believe that new gaming experiences that would have been impossible on traditional game consoles will be a major driver of cloud gaming adoption. Our efforts to develop cloud-native or cloud-centric titles are already underway.” They also have R&D efforts in XR technology, and blockchain. So if you like Square Enix then certainly things like this you can be excited about, because they certainly have new technologies at the top of their mind right now.

Hey, if you didn’t know there is a Pokemon-like game being developed called Temtem. It’s a creature catching MMO and it’s coming out on January 21st. Well, if you want to get it earlier than that, you can sign up for a public stress test before release for free in order to test the servers. The concepts in this game are very similar to Pokemon, and it seems like this is a project that is trying to be the what people have been looking for for decades. We’ll see if they can pull it off. If you want a link for this, feel free to visit thegamingobserver.com

Here’s another game you may not have known about, Lord of the Rings: Gollum. This is going to be the newest project from Daedalic Entertainment, who of course do a lot of point-and-click games, and they came out basically to say “hey, don’t forget about this, it’s still coming in 2021.” It will be based on the novels, not the movies, and despite what they are known for, it will be a stealth action game. Hopefully it goes well, and keep your ear out for it this year as I’m sure more details will come.

Okay that is going to be all for today, I’d like to thank you very much for tuning in, and as you know I am here every Monday-Friday with the news, which means I’ll be back tomorrow and until then…happy gaming everyone.