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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer. It is Friday, April 10th.

CD Projekt 2019 financials.
Cyberpunk 2077 won’t be delayed again!

Today’s top story is all about CD Projekt, who just released their financials for the year of 2019, which was an absolutely tremendous year for them. They made $124 million in revenue, which is a 44% increase year over year. 70% of that revenue comes from their game development division, CD Project RED, and the remaining 30% come from The primary reason for this dramatic increase in revenue is because of The Witcher 3, selling six million copies last year, which is double the year before, and the higest year of sales other than when it released. This was attributed to the popularity of the Netflix show, but their port to the Nintendo Switch also helped raise awareness about the game. The company is growing like crazy, and they are slowly building themselves a tremendous portfolio. If Cyberpunk 2077, which by the way they have reassured people is not going to be delayed, if Cybperunk 2077 is as good or better than The Witcher 3, then they know they’re set for at least another 5 years. GOG is obviously a nice consistency for them, but I bet they never expected the Witcher to be sustainable for them this long. It’s nice to see strong single player narratives rewarding companies like that.

Minecraft Dungeons seems to be actually good

I guess there was recently a preview event for journalists for the game Minecraft Dungeons, and I’ll tell you, they had really good things to say about it. The one sentence description for it is Minecraft meets Diablo. It’s semi-procedurally generated dungeon crawler with lots of button mashing and cutomization. And the really cool thing that I’m seeing is that it’s suitable for basically everyone, kids and adults alike. It’s an easy game to play, children will grab the basics immediately, but there’s a lot more you can sink your teeth into with the mechanics. As RPS notes here, it’s kinda like Minecraft itself, which obviously is very popular amongst players of all ages, because it appeals to them in different ways. Here’s a good part of it “I don’t think Minecraft Dungeons is going ot end up being the game of choice for hardcore dungeon crawlers, but I think it’s going to pleasantly surprise a lot of people.” After all, this is a Minecraft game inspited by Warhammer, Left 4 Dead, and Diablo. I’m honestly looking forward to this one.

Marvel’s Spiderman added to PS Now, playable on PC!

We talked about game streaming yesterday, well Sony’s streaming service Playstation Now has just added some new games to the service that you might want your eye on. Chief among them is Marvel’s Spiderman, the very popular release from 2018. This will of interest to you if you don’t own a Playstation, because you can actually stream it to your PC. Any PC will do, because it’s based on your internet, not your hardware. Just like God of War a few months ago, this makes it the first time you can play the game outside of the Playstation. Cheers to Ginsterf for reminding me to bring this up.

Alright everyone, that’s going to wrap up our week of news. And hey, for once, I actually know what I have for you this weekend! Join me tomorrow, I’m going to talk a little bit about my time playing Half-Life: Alyx, and then on Sunday I’ve booked an interview which you definitely do not want to miss. That’ll be all for today, see you in the After-Show, or until tomorrow, farewell.