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2020 Call of Duty changes devs, reduces time to make it

Ever since 2012, the Call of Duty franchise has followed a 3-year cycle of developers. It started with Treyarch, who made Black Ops 2, 3, and 4. Infinity Ward made Ghosts and Infinite Warfare. And Sledgehammer Games made Advanced Warfare and WWII. Well, while we still are a ways away for this year’s release, it seems like there has been a shakeup with the 2020 game. You see, originally it was Sledgehammer’s turn assisted Raven Software. Well apparently, there was tension between these two studios, and staff would often argue with each other in regards to development. So, Activision has stepped in and assigned Treyarch to make Black Ops 5. Unfortunately what this means is that instead of the studio getting three years to make the game, they only have two. There are some within the company that are upset by this because they have already faced crunch with the most recent release, Black Ops 4, it’s going to be even worse with less time.

WoW Classic “bugs” are just misremembered features

World of Warcraft Classic has been in closed beta for a little while now, and it looks like the players who are privy to it were in for a rude awakening for what the game actually looked like in 2005. Nostalgia is not always accurate, as Blizzard has noted, “the nature of WoW Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and htis leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn’t working as intended.” So they’ve actually put together a little forum post of all the most commonly reported bugs, which aren’t actually bugs, it’s just how the game was played back then. There’s a lot of gameplay meta, some quality of life stuff, but just overall I find it funny that people got so used to the new game that when you go back it’s like being thrown into a cold tub of water.

Red Dead Online players encountering a pile of dead horses. In game event or bug?

The hot button topic of the weekend comes from Red Dead Online. Apparently, there is this random thing happening where people are walking around and coming across a pile of deceased and rotting horses. Some people think its a bug, others are calling it an event from Rockstar. Either way the online component of the game just came out of beta last week alongside a content release, so perhaps this is something that is meant to promote an in-game event. You should check out the video it’s pretty creepy.

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