Bungie plans Destiny 2 for the next few years

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and this is your daily news update for Wednesday, June 10th. I hope you are well my friends, I’m excited to be here. There was very little news today, however we got a whole bunch of stuff from Bungie and Destiny 2, so that’s what today’s episode is going to dedicated to. If you’re not a Destiny player don’t worry, I’m not either, I just want to explore the decisions they made and their position within the industry right now. Before we jump in I just want to remind you of the itch.io bundle for Racial Justice and Equality — they just added about 300 more games to the bundle, including the hit platformer Celeste, which is worth way and above the $5 asking price of the 1000 game bundle. Anyway, Destiny 2, let’s talk about it.

Indeed, Bungie has given a framework for the future of the game. And the key piece of marketing here is that it does not involve a Destiny 3, at least not for the next three years. They identified that too much was lost by making a sequel to the original Destiny, and they don’t want that to happen again. However, that being said, infinitely building on Destiny 2 is also not possible. This is what they’ve said, “Destiny 2 is too large to efficiently update and maintain. The size and complexity of the game are also contributing to more bugs and less innovation.” This means that now they are going to be removing content from the game as time goes on, and put it into what they call the Destiny Content Vault. The least played portions of the game are going to go there, with potentials for it to return in the future. With that said, they’ve announced their next 3 major expansions. The first is called Beyond Light, which comes this September. After that is The Witch Queen in 2021, and then Lightfall in 2022.

We have some extra time in today’s show, let’s take second to explore this one a bit more. I think that a move like this is unsurprising, right? Bungie has been pretty clear in its marketing that they’re sticking around with Destiny for a while, and certainly now that they are an independent developer they’re going to need that reliability. But this decision to vault some of their content that has been around for the past few years has already ruffled some feathers. Because it’s certainly no small amount, they’re tossing away at least 5 destinations from the game, which presumably will be offset by new content, but nonetheless for the daily Destiny player its probably going to come as a shock. I think its an interesting strategy though, because there is a lot that you need to consider with a game like this. I think that the longer that it exists, the more unapproachable it is to new players. Look at the MMO genre, for example. So the new player experience is certainly important, and if you’re able to introduce new stuff constantly, and get rid of the old, then people know that they can kinda just jump in at any time. They also indicated that the technical side of things will rely on less content, which is another thing to keep in mind. The most interesting thing though is how this applies to the daily Destiny player that I mentioned.

I think that as gamers we tend to be very instinctually protective of the things we like, and if it goes away, it means we’re losing some of our fun. And I think that in theory, something we need to work on is moving away from that instinct. I think that a developer who has a tight focus, and a clear understanding of what they want in their game is a good sign. It means that they care, and it means new things for you. In practice though, it can get a little more muddled, right. Bungie hasn’t necessarily had the best reputation when it comes to their creative decisions. Which isn’t to say that people hate them or anything, and certainly the game is praised for a number of reasons, but I think that there is reason to be skeptical of things like the Destiny Content Vault. If mishandled, it could turn off a lot of people from the game. At the same time, if done right, I think it could be one of the best things for them. Games like Fortnite thrive on cycling content and keeping things fresh, so why not Destiny? Especially when its so lore-heavy like MMOs.