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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer for Thursday, May 28th. We have a bunch of small stories today, so each segment will be a little shorter than usual, let’s get into it here.

Blizzcon 2020 has been cancelled. Perhaps expected, though this event is a lot later than the rest of them are, usually taking place early November. The event is being pushed to the following year, and they are also considering digital options for both the event and the esports shows that happen around the same time as well.

Bandai Namco have announced that Little Nightmares has hit 2 million units sold. I actually played this game some time last week, I highly recommend it if you were into games LIMBO and INSIDE, it’s a fantastic game, and I’m super happy to hear that it performed well. The game heads to Google Stadia on June 1st, and they are also currently working on Little Nightmares 2, which is hopefully going to be a bunch of fun.

Speaking of digital events, we just recently had an indie game showcase called Wholesome Direct. This was a 40 minute show that showcased 55 indie games that fall somehow under the banner of Wholesome. As RPS notes, “Generally speaking, they’ve all god some quality that makes them gentle or kind or cute, though that doesn’t mean they can’t tackle some tough topics.” There were same games in there you may have heard of before, such as Ooblets, and almost definitely some games you’ve never seen. Either way, if you’re looking for a little more comfort, a little more sweetness, check out this show. Link on the website,

My friends, if you’re looking for another thing to watch, you should definitely check out the Youtube channel NoClip. They do video game documentaries that are extremely good, and the most recent documentary was on Arkane Studios. This was really interesting to see because they show off some footage of games that have never been publicly available before, including a Half-Life spinoff they were making called Ravenholm. They also showed some other games they attempted to make before they found their success with Dishonored, it gives some behind the scenes footage and anecdotes that make for something really entertaining. So anyway, check them out on Youtube or go to the website

Dead by Daylight has a new DLC coming out, and this time it is Silent Hill themed. They’ve done a number of horror themes in past iterations of DLC, but this time I think its super interesting to be reviving this franchise that a lot of people consider dead at this point. Anyway, for those of you familiar with the series, Cheryl Manson is the playable survivor, Pyramid Head is the enemy, and the school is a new map. That’s available on June 16th, and should be around $5.

Alright folks, that is going to wrap us up for today, thank you very much for joining me.