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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome to your daily gaming update for Monday, January 20th. We’ve got some very interesting news from this past weekend that I want to talk about, so let’s get into it.

NPD reports best selling US games of the decade

The NPD group has released a list of the top-selling games of the decade in the United States, and the results will probably not surprise you, but they are interesting nonetheless. Grand Theft Auto V takes the top spot, of course, where they reported it being the most profitable entertainment product of all time, and has sold 115 million copies worldwide. Call of Duty also dominated these charts with their vairous yearly releases, taking SEVEN of the top 10 spots, with Black Ops 1 and 2 taking spots 2 and 3 respectively. So the remaining two titles in the top ten then belong to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Minecraft, likely neither of which surprise you. It’s also worth noting that Nintendo does not share digital sales data, only physical, but they managed to get Mario Kart 8 at #14 and Breath of the Wild at #19, so I’d imagine they’d have some more interesting positions if they had the full sales data submitted.

Ubisoft reforming creative direction of franchises

Alright here’s an interesting report about Ubisoft. It looks like they are going through some major editorial restructuring, with the goal to diversify their catalogue of games to be a bit more unique from one another. You know that the meme is that so many of their games had similar ideas, like Far Cry, The Division, Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed, you can definitely see some common designs. Well it appears as though the reason for that was that people in charge of creative on those games always had to answer back to the Chief Creative Officer, who always had the final word. So now, they’re going to have seven Vice Presidents that will be assigned a franchise to lead, and they are going to be given much more autonomy and authority to make decisions. Reportedly as a result of this change, a game that was very far into development in Montreal has now been cancelled. I think this is definitely something that was needed for their company, especially following the poor sales of their recent games, and hopefully it works out for them.

Kotaku reports that Horizon: Zero Dawn headed to PC

From trusted sources, it is being rumoured that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be ported to PC. This was a highly critically acclaimed game that is currently a Playstation exclusive. This is big news, because it would be the first big exclusive from a Sony-owned developer to go to PC, with the exception being the big MMO’s like EverQuest. Games like Death Stranding and the Quantic Dream games have done it, but those are from independent studios which were published by Sony. This is from Jason Schreier “Sony’s strategy has always been to drive hardware sales with software and vice versa.But…the future of video games lies in ecosystems, not platforms.” Obviously Xbox has been charging into the PC marketplace head-first, so maybe this will be the beginning for Sony as well.

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