Discord discontinues free games, EGS exclusives, much more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Monday September 16th. thegamingobserver.com for links and transcript. I am finally back from work and you have no idea how much I missed making this show, so let’s talk about some friggin video games!

Discord stops giving free games (nobody plays them). Borderlands 3 gets record numbers

Discord has cancelled the free catalogue of games that were a perk for their monthly subscription. The reason is simply because most people weren’t playing them. They implemented this only a year ago, alongside the storefront that they implemented into the program. Access to the 100 games that they gave away will be cut off on October 15th, and they are entertaining refund requests. Now the real story here is how this event is positioned in the larger games market, specifically in relation to the Epic Games Store. This is why Epic is buying up exclusives, because simply adding a storefront with a bunch of features will never be able to compete. Discord has everything going for it. It’s the communal standard for communication through gaming, it’s on millions of computers, it’s accessible, it’s fast, it’s got a great dev team. And yet the store has flopped and they’re cancelling the subscription benefits because nobody used it. Contrast this to the Epic Games Store. Nobody had it installed unless they played Fortnite or developed on Unreal Engine and they lack tons of features. Yet just yesterday, Randy Pitchford said that the PC launch day peak player count for Borderlands 3 was about double the all-time peak of Borderlands 2. So basically around 250,000 people played Borderlands 3 on the day it came out, at the same time. With it being a timed exclusive, this marks yet another example of AAA studio being happy with the services of Epic Games, and of course we all know how important the exclusivity deals have been for indie developers. So please, when you’re reading the discourse around this online, keep in mind that it’s a pretty vocal minority. Likely millions of people simply don’t care about what storefront they have to play on, which is exactly why something like Discord won’t survive in world where everyone already plays on Steam.

A Plague Tale: Innocence releases first chapter free

There’s an indie game that came out a while back called A Plague Tale: Innocence. It’s set in the 14th century where you need to escape the Inquisition in plague-ridden France. It was well received, and it’s on a lot of people’s pre-emptive GOTY lists. Anyway the point of all this is that they’ve just offered a free trial for the game which features the full first chapter. So if you wanted a taste of it before you picked it up for around $30 you can now do so. I’d give it a look if I were you, especially if you like stealth.

Lots of games with tech issues

You know there’s really something to be said for holding off on purchasing a game on day 1, or even preordering. This last little bit saw technical issues for some major game releases. Control from Remedy had performance issues on console because of how highly technical it is. Borderlands 3 also had issues with framerate and lag. Gears 5 had a decent launch, but their Early Access players had to put up with some tech problems, which makes you wonder whether or not paying for Early Access was even worth it for them. Consider this next time you want to preorder. Maybe it’s worth waiting a month for them to iron out the kinks.

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