Astral Chain tops UK charts, Beat Saber to fund VR games, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, for Tuesday September 3rd, 2019. for links and a transcript. Today is my first day back at school, and this is the show that will keep my head above water through it all. Thank you for listening every day, now lets get into the news.

Astral Chain tops the UK physical charts, week ending August 24

The UK physical charts are out for the week ending August 24th, and it was a 4-way battle for the top spot, with all of them being debuts. In fact the competition was so close that the #1 and the #4 spot was just a matter of 1500 copies. Coming in at #1 is Astral Chain from PlatinumGames. This is the studio’s first time in the #1 slot, and their fourth biggest launch of all time. #2 was Wreckfest, releasing on consoles for the first time. This was followed up by story-driven horror Man of Medan. This one is very similar in style to their previous game Until Dawn. And finally coming in at the #4 slot is Control from Remedy Entertainment, we talked about it just last Sunday. To be honest I’m surprised that Control wasn’t higher up. Granted these charts don’t factor in digital sales, but even then I think Control would have been a lot more popular in the stores than something like Man of Medan and especially like Wreckfest.

Beat Saber devs to fund out-of-the-box VR games

The developers of VR hit Beat Saber are going to begin funding for new VR games. They saw a lot of success, and they now want to give back to the community. They especially think that the platform needs some more out-of-the-box ideas, so they’re willing to help support that. Of course I always love seeing stuff like this, the more community driven support we can get in this industry the better. Check out the link if you are VR developer yourself and think you’d like some support.

Annapurna Pictures no longer scared of bankruptcy

At the start of August it was reported that Annapurna Pictures, the parent company to Annapurna Interactive, was exploring bankruptcy. Well we’ve got some good news. By the way Annapurna is the publisher behind games like Outer Wilds, Florence, and What Remains of Edith Finch. Well, they have actually removed $200 million in debt. A lot of that debt was thanks to some movies that didn’t do so well. But now they’ve said that they aren’t going to get another line of credit, and will instead finance projects on a case-by-case basis.

The state of Konami and their game releases had this wonderful interview with the European president of Konami, Masami Saso. They start off by pointing out that Konami hasn’t done much in this console generation. They got out MGS V, Super Bomberman R, a Yu-Gi-Oh game, and of course the yearly edition of Pro Evolution Soccer. Despite the slow releases, they’ve been doing well financially. Part of what Saso says is that one reason for their success is adaptability. They’ve been working on spreading PES and Yu-Gi-Oh as far as they can, including mobile especially. This makes them less reliant on major releases for PC and console. However, the company still believes that its important. And then of course they’ve made major investments in the esports scene as well, so that’s likely a big future for Konami. They’re even going to have an esports arena in their new headquarters.

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