Apex Legends hits 50 million, Gwent expansion, more


How is it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for March 5th, 2019. Head over to thegamingobserver.com for links and a transcript of today’s report. This one is going to be a brief one because I’m heading out to a concert soon.

Apex Legends just hit 50 million unique players only a month after release. While this isn’t unprecedented, it’s certainly impressive, especially considering the game came out without a single piece of advertising beforehand. Apex Legends will be releasing a Battle Pass system this month, and their developer Respawn Entertainment is currently hard at work on a new game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The first Gwent expansion has been announced, called “Crimson Curse”. It’s going to add 100 new cards to the game and some new mechanics. It will be releasing later this month on March 28th, and you can check out more details over at playgwent.com.

THQ Nordic hosted an Ask Me Anything this past week, but they got into some trouble because they hosted it on 8chan. For those of you who don’t know, 8chan is a site that is banned from Google, because it is known as a hub for racism, misogyny, and pedophelia. CEO of THQ Lars Wingefors has now issued an apology for the situation, condemning the website, and making it clear that they were not aware of the site’s history. Whether or not this is true I’m not sure, but it certainly caused a kerfuffle.

Just an interesting tidbit here, but the latest 10-K filings from Activision Blizzard which I talked about yesterday revealed something about the Bungie split. Essentially, Bungie ended up paying Activision 164 million dollars to get out of their contract with them. So that tells you how badly they wanted out, and why they might be introducing some new monetization models now.

That is the news, apologies that I have to cut it short. You can find me on Twitter, @gaming_observer, or send me an email, info@thegamingobserver.com. As always, this update was produced in part by Brandon, who funds the show through Patreon. Thank you very much, have a beautiful day, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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