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Before we get into today’s news I just wanted to make a quick announcement. Next week is the world famous E3 conference. Well, I will be co-streaming every conference on Before, during, and after the event, I’ll be providing my own commentary and analysis. If you can’t make it, fear not, I will hopefully be posting both a VoD and a recap radio show for each conference. I would really love to see you there, where I will be live for the first time. Check out my Twitter for full details. Okay, onto the news.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York announced

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is apparently not the only new game in the Vampire series. Announced today was Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York. This is apparently an interactive story type game that will be drawing inspiration from the late Telltale. There’s a full explanation of what the game is one their Steam page, but it’s interesting to see Paradox actually giving the IP to multiple developers, I think it’s a great idea.

GameStop Q1 financial results

GameStop reported on it’s Q1 financials, and as expected they aren’t doing great. Revenues are down 13% and income is down ~75% year over year. Blame for this loss is spread throughout the business, though hardware and pre-ownded products dropped significantly. Collectibles however saw a 10% growth. Lastly, the company decided to cease quarterly dividends to shareholders, which they approximate will save them $157 million every year.

Starbreeze lets go of 25% of staff

Speaking of declining companies, Starbreeze has finally let go of some of their employees. I say finally because it seems like this has been a long time coming. Almost 25% of the staff is being laid off, which will be completed by November. They expect to save around $310k per month with these cuts. Of course this appears as a necessary action to keep the company alive, as they have been struggling to do for the last half a year. Quote, “we now have to look inward to make the core business more efficient. To make staff reductions is a tough decision to make, but necessary to enable Starbreeze to develop well long-term.”

Blasphemous announced by Team17; pixel-art metroidvania

There is a new game produced by Team17 called Blasphemous. The pixel art is very old-school, it looks great, and the overall theme is very dark. Arriving on Steam and consoles, if you’re a fan of metroidvanias, this might just be the game for you. Take a look at the trailer.

That’s the news for today. Thank you so so much for tuning in, and thanks to Brandon for supporting the show through Patreon. My name is Adrian Simple, see you tomorrow, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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