Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is huge right now, Mortal Kombat 11, more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here for The Gaming Observer, Thursday May 7th.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp skyrockets after New Horizons

Alright top story for today, let’s talk about some mobile gaming. So obviously Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out recently, and that has apparently been a huge boon to the mobile game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. So much so that April 2020 was its best month ever in terms of revenue, though only by about 100,000 dollars. What’s really interesting is the number of installs. Ever since the app launched last year, it never received any more than 450k downloads in a given month, but last April it hit 7 million. If you look at the chart its just insane. This means the game has now earned $150 million worldwide, with Japan being its biggest market. I know people aren’t a big fan of this game so I don’t know that I can reccomend you check it out, but I dunno maybe you can educate me if you like it, let me know. All the data in this story is courtesy of Sensor Tower, big shoutout to those folks they’re doing great stuff, shoutout to Rumiko and Randy, not sure if they still listen to the show but they’re cool people.

Mortal Kombat 11 adds 3 new characters and a story expansion

Mortal Kombat 11 is getting a new story DLC called Aftermath, which is coming to all versions of the game on May 26th. This will pick up where the main story left off, which I won’t even pretend to understand what’s going on there. Even more fun though is they are going to be adding 3 new fighters to the game, headlined by Robocop. So we got the Terminator in the last expansion, now we’ve got Robocop, what can you say. I love when fighting games do silly stuff like that. Anyway, the other two characters are Sheeva, who is a classic character, and Fujin who was in Mortal Kombat 4 but had few other appearances.

Halo 2 heading to PC soon!

To my PC players, Halo 2 will be arriving next Tuesday, May the 12th. It’ll be the remastered version with all the bells and whistles you’re looking for, just like the other Halo games that have hit the platform of late. So it’ll be on Steam and the Microsoft Store for $10, or pick up the full Master Chief Collection for $40. In the Master Chief Collection on PC, you only get access to Halo Reach and Combat Evolved, but 3, ODST, and 4 should arrive before the end of the year. Alternatively, check it out on the Xbox Game Pass, more on that in the next story.

Bunch of games heading to XGP soon, including Final Fantasy IX

The Xbox Game Pass continues adding new games to the service constantly. On console, coming soon is Red Dead Redemption 2 and DayZ. On PC you’ll soon have access to Endless Legend, which is a 4X strategy game, very good, as well as Halo 2, as mentioned. Not only only that on both platforms Final Fantasy IX is arriving. I’m pretty sure I’m going be playing that as soon as I can, but let me just say folks, if you have an Xbox or a PC capable of playing games, you are missing out if you’re not on the game pass. It’s cheap, it’s tons of quality games, I guarantee you’ll find something that’s worth the few bucks a month. And listen if you already own 1500 games, or you just play Counter-Strike or something like that, then obviously I’m not talking to you, but otherwise, seriously give the library a look. I’m always for recommendations as well. And no, Xbox doesn’t sponsor me, but they totally should.