ActiBliz Q3, Take-Two Q2, SIE Worldwide shakeup, more



How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from, for Friday, November 8th. There’s lots to get into here today, let’s take a look.

Activision Blizzard Q3 financials

Actvision Blizzard had their Q3 financials today, which had some significant changes, but those changes were expected. Essentially the first half of the year wasn’t that impressive, because they were investing in their key franchises. Well, we’re now in the promised second half of the year, and revenues are down 15%, bookings down 27%. Now part of th e significant decrease is that they lost the Destiny franchise, which was raking in quite a bit of dough. You saw that most heavily with their monthly active uses, which dropped 22% for Activison alone.

Take-Two Interactive Q2 financials

Take-Two Interactive had their Q2, and they have a totally different story. Revenue up 74% to $859 million, bookings up 63%. This was because of the major launches of Borderlands 3 and NBA 2K20. as well as the ongoing success of games like GTA V and other sports games. CEO Stauss Zlenick said that GTA continues to sell well as it is perceived as an essential title now, especially after having developed multiple versions of it. He also said that Christmas is going to be a good time for them, as there aren’t a huge amount of major releases happening in that timeframe, and they’re in the market with RDR 2, Borderlands 3, and Outer Worlds, the latter of which definintely had big plans for Christmas this year.

Hermen Hulst is the new head of SIE Worldwide Studios

Playstation has a new head of Worldwide Studios, which is the subdivision that controls all of the SIE development studios, and his name is Hermen Hulst. Herman is the former co-founder and managing director of Guerrilla Games, who have been owned by SIE for over a decade now. Meanwhile, Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Worldwide Studios, is beginning a new initiative in the company to nurture smaller indie studios. Apparently there are some indie companies that will be happy to hear this, as there’s been a growing concern over Playstation’s level of support to smaller developers. Anyway, all of this is part of the restructuring happening at Sony right now, in anticipation of the Playstation 5 next year. Hopefully it is for the better.

Nuclear Throne and RUINER free on the Epic Games Store

There are two more free games on the Epic Games Store today. The first is Nuclear Throne. This is a roguelike top-down shooter developed by Vlambeer. I’ve put a few hundred hours into this one, it’s a lot of fun but very difficult. You definitely need to factor in some time of getting a hang of the mechanics and how to survive, but overall I would definitely reccomend it. The other free game is RUINER, which is another top-down shooter though not a roguelike necessarily, it has story. I’ve played a bit of it, there’s a very cool cyberpunk aesthetic, and movement can feel very fluid. Based on what I’ve seen it gets more intense as time goes on, unfortunately I only put in about 2 hours. It’s definitely worth booting up at least once to see if its your jam, which can’t hurt, because it’s free.

That’s the news for today, I’d like to give a big thanks to Rick for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon, I greatly appreciate that. I will be back tomorrow, as I am every day, and until then…Happy Gaming everyone.