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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, it is Tuesday August 13th, 2019. Apologies for the sudden change in music, but I’ve been listening to the same intro for the last year and I needed something new. thegamingobserver.com for links, @gaming_observer on Twitter.

UK Retail charts week ending August 10

It has been a very slow couple of weeks for game releases. 2019 as a whole has been relatively unimpressive, but if you look at the sales charts for last week, it’s really indicative of the summer. Crash Team Racing got back into the top spot, even though sales fell by 14%. So the first thing that tells you is that there isn’t a lot of buying going around right now. Secondarily, there were no new game releases to hit the Top 40 charts. So it’s no surprise that we see the usual faces. Fire Emblem: Three Houses was in the #1 slot for two weeks straight, but has now gone down to seventh. And while GTA V has received a significant update which created a lot of returning players, it didn’t create a ton of new ones, with it staying near the middle of the top 10.

Lazarus cancelled – third SpatialOS game to do so this year

Spilt Milk Studios has just announced the cancellation of their MMO shooter Lazarus. They said that they just wouldn’t survive financially if they were to launch the game, as the costs of things like servers and marketing would put too much of a strain on them. It was in open alpha for two years. The studio remains alive and well, and they have other projects ongoing. This marks the third game operating under the SpatialOS cloud platform to be cancelled this year. Spatial is a service that developers can pay for to easily integrate multiplayer into their games, but they’ve had a rough go of it this year. In January they had a conflict with Unity, and now three of the games utilizing its service have been cancelled. The other two are Worlds Adrift and Mavericks: Proving Grounds.

Mojang cancels Minecraft‘s Super Duper Graphics Update

Speaking of cancellations, Minecraft has officially confirmed that the Super Duper Graphics Pack will no longer be releasing. This was announced two years ago as a game update that significantly improved the graphics of the game that looked a lot like the shader packs you see today. Nonetheless, it turned out to be too big of a technological hurdle to get the game operating smoothly with better graphics. A lot of people were really excited for this update so I’m sure this will come as a dissapointment to many. Nonetheless, that team is on to bigger things.

Nightdive Studios announces enhanced edition for System Shock 2

Nightdive Studios has just announced that they are working on an enhanced edition for System Shock 2. This is the team that did the re-release of that game back in 2013, but they also have two other projects that have been teased. The first is a System Shock 1 reboot, and the other is a System Shock 3. So now is a good time to be a fan of that franchise.

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