TGO Daily | November 30, 2020 | SaGa Frontier Remastered Announced

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SaGa Frontier Remastered Announced

Square Enix have announced that they will be remastering a game that is pretty deep in their catalogue: SaGa Frontier. Originally released for the PlayStation in 1997, this is a JRPG that allows you to play as any of the seven protagonists in a non-linear format. They called it the “Free Scenario System,” though you might recognize something similar from the more recent Octopath Traveler.

The remaster will add an eighth protagonist, Fuse, who was originally relegated as a sidekick for the original seven. Square is also adding in new events and cutscenes to the story.

It releases on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile in summer 2021.

Kadabra is Revived

This is an interesting one.

You may have heard of a Pokemon by the name of Kadabra before. He’s evolved from Abra and evolves into Alakazam. Well, Kadabra hasn’t been seen on a Pokemon trading card since the early 2000s due to a copyright dispute. The character is actually based on famed illusionist Uri Geller — the Japanese name sounds very similar to his, and the character’s design includes his signature spoon-bending trick:

“It was more a case of Pokemon’s creators naming Kadabra after the magician without letting him know. That didn’t sit well with Geller and at the turn of the century, he decided to take legal action. Geller not only sued Nintendo in 2000 for basing Kadabra on him, but he requested that the Pokemon stop being used in its TCG.”

That quote comes from, who wrote an article about this a few days ago. Following the publication of it, Uri Geller was on the receiving end of a number of emails from upset Nintendo fans. Today, Geller announced that he requested Nintendo to retract the ban

Say what you will about the initial complaints twenty years ago, it’s fascinating how it all played out. Nintendo were previously forced to skip Abra’s evolution straight to Alakazam — now we’ll wait and see if Kadabra will head back to print.

PlayStation 5 Trophies

It has recently been discovered that the PlayStation 5 captures your controller’s microphone when you unlock a new trophy. This has led to a number of people sharing their most authentic moments of happiness when they finally conquer certain bosses in the Demon’s Souls remake, and the trophy pops.

This story functions twofold: if you don’t want this to be captured, make sure you check your audio settings. Secondarily though, go check out some of the clips people are posting, they’re pretty great. Here’s one.

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