TGO Daily | November 18, 2020 | Crusader Kings 3 Sells 1 Million!

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In The News

The Numbers

Once again, let’s talk some numbers! It’s not as intense as Monday, but there’s still some really cool tidbits here.

First of all, Ubisoft has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has sold more units in its opening week than any previous game in the franchise. It’s also their most successful PC launch in history, across all franchises.

Next, it’s been confirmed that Fall Guys has sold over 10 million copies on Steam. Interestingly, this was revealed by Unity, who recently entered the stock market. We knew the game has been doing well for a while, (it’s the most downloaded PS+ game in history), but this is nice to see.

Lastly, Paradox Interactive reported on their Q3 financials, with extremely high revenue and profit increases — 75% and 102% year-over-year, respectively. This was largely driven by the release of Crusader Kings III, which has sold over 1 million units. CEO Ebba Ljungerud talked about how its success has been the payoff of investing in the brand over multiple years and iterations — something they’ve seen success with in a number of ways. Looking forward, they’ll be publishing the strategy RPG Empire of Sin from Romero Games, which is shaping up nicely!

Animal Crossing gets save transfers

After long wait, and lots of complaining, Animal Crossing players will now have the ability to transfer your save file to a different Nintendo Switch console! As part of the upcoming winter update going live on Thursday, you’ll also be able to move an individual resident who isn’t the main character.

I’m surprised that I’m not seeing more people talking about this. It was one of the big complaints of the game prior to it coming out, and while there are still issues (why can’t you move the main character? why can’t there be multiple islands on one Switch?), it’s a welcome addition.

The update also brings a swath of content, which adds Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve themed items. Home storage is also expanding to 2400 slots, up from the previous max of 1600 slots.

Halo 4 on PC

The final addition to the Halo: Master Chief Collection has just been added to PC, it’s Halo 4! As usual, this includes the full campaign and multiplayer, and have also added Spartan Ops, which is a co-op campaign that carries on from the original.

They have also now added input-based matchmaking (so that people with controllers aren’t getting squashed by keyboard & mouse players), and full cross-play across all games and modes.

Now that the collection is complete, they plan on adding some more features down the line. But unless they plan on retroactively adding games to it as time goes on, it’s pretty well done!

Call of the Sea

You should have your eye on an indie game called Call of the Sea, which is now known to be releasing on December 8th. This one caught my attention during one of the many digital conferences in the summer. It’s the story of a woman in the 1930s in search of her husband who is lost at sea. It’s a debut game with a beautiful art style and a great aesthetic — here’s hoping the gameplay is good as well!

Also In The News

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