TGO Daily | November 5, 2020 | Dragon Quest Gets 10-Hour Demo

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Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition

Ahead of its December 4 release, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition now has a 10-hour demo available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. That’s one of the more substantial demos to come out in a while, though likely is proportional to how long the game is.

While Dragon Quest XI is already available on those platforms, the enhanced edition brings a number of new features and improvements. It has been been available on the Nintendo Switch for the last year.

If you decide to play the demo, all your progress will carry over. If you don’t tend to play 50-80 hour games though, maybe the demo is all you need!


Watch Dogs Legion Source Code

The full source code for Watch Dogs Legion, over 500GB of data, has been leaked to the public. Online groups had apparently gained access to the internal networks of both Ubisoft and Crytek — which is why many of Crytek’s upcoming plans have been leaked recently.

Having access to the source code is going to be used for two major reasons: modding, and piracy. Both of those were likely to happen at some point, but this will likely expedite and optimize the process.

Ubisoft has commented that they are investigating the issue. I will say — it’s kind of funny that the game about hacking is itself one of the rare games to get completely hacked in real life.


Door Kickers 2

In a surprise release, Door Kickers 2 is now available in Steam Early Access.

It follows closely in its predecessors footsteps. If you’ve never seen if before, it’s a tactical military game that involves a lot of planning and strategy. Close-quarter encounters are meant to be perfected over multiple attempts.

Door Kickers 2 is initially launched with 20 missions (15 playable in co-op) and a mission editor. They hope to launch out of Early Access in 12-16 months, which will then have around 100 missions, lots more thematic content, and full Steam Workshop support. They emphasized that modding will be a key component to playing the game long-term.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to dive into them, but the reviews have dropped for Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Feel free to read any of your choosing on OpenCritic. The review I did read was by Kazuma Hashimoto for Polygon, it was quite good.

I also follow a number of journalists on Twitter who have heavily praised the game, and in some cases were anxious for the embargo to lift so they could share their thoughts.

The game releases next week on November 13th if you want to pick it up!

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