Microsoft Flight Sim, Skull & Bones, more

JULY 14, 2020

Daily Gaming Update

How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer for Tuesday, July 14th. Truthfully, there wasn’t a tremendous amount of news today, so some of today’s stories are ones that I wasn’t able to get to yesterday. Nonetheless, should be a good show, let’s jump in.
Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to be officially launching on August 18th. That’ll be on PC, as well as the PC version of the Xbox Game Pass. Now, the game is going to have three versions that you can purchase, but its super simple. Basically, the game includes every single airport in the world, which is roughly 37,000 of them, which is generated by whatever algorithms they are using in combination with Bing maps. However 40 of the most famous airports in the world have been given specific hand-crafted attention. So you can buy the standard edition of the game for the usual $60, and get access to 30 of those 40 handcrafted airports, and 20 different planes. This is also the version on the gamepass. Then if you want you can spent $80 for the deluxe edition, which gives five additional planes and airports, and then $110 the premium edition, which is another 5 of each. I know a lot of people have been anticipating this one, they love their planes, and certainly I’ll at least be taking a look when it his Game Pass. 
According to Video Games Chronicle, Ubisoft has completed rebooted their game Skull & Bones, which is why we haven’t heard anything about it recently. They first announced this game in 2017 as an open world pirate game, inspired by the naval battles of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Originally it was going to be just like all the other Ubisoft open world games, like The Division, and Watch Dogs, but some time last year they decided to just reboot it entirely. They changed creative leadership, but more notably they are moving to a live service game. So it’ll have a persistent world, and a storyline that will evolve and change over time with community involvement, which apparently was inspired by the kind of thing Fortnite is doing. So I don’t know if we are going to hear about the game at the next Ubisoft event or not, but if this was a true reboot of the game then it probably won’t be coming for another few years considering game development time.
Speaking of Ubisoft, they are currently giving away Watch Dogs 2 for free. All you have to do is sign in to their website and claim your copy for PC. Originally this was only going to be available during their latest conference, but nobody was able to log in and get it, so they just decided to extend the timeline. I actually heard pretty decent things about the sequel, after the disappointing launch of the first game, so definitely go check that out, especially with Watch Dogs Legion around the corner on October 29th.
Hey, just a heads up that apparently the Death Stranding port for PC is perfectly playable and worth taking a look at. The game should be available today, and here’s what Digital Foundry has to say about it, “it’s a port that we can recommend without hesitation. While there’s limited scalability beyond PS4 in terms of visual features, performance is exemplary.” Say what you will about the game, which lets be honest has had pretty polarizing opinions, at least the port is playable and the game looks good. If you’re thinking about picking it up though, you should definitely read into what the game actually is before you get it, because it has definitely turned a lot of people away for various reasons, and its good to know about them going in.