Another wave of industry abuse allegations, TLOU2 news, more

JUNE 29, 2020

Daily Gaming Update


How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here and welcome back to The Gaming Observer for Monday, June 29th. My friends I hope you had an absolutely tremendous weekend, now let’s start off your week talking about video games.

My friends, I think I made a mistake last week not talking about this particular story, so I apologize for that and allow me to rectify it. Over the past little while, the video game industry has been overwhelmed by another wave of abuse allegations. I couldn’t possibly cover them all, but it includes famous people like RPG writer Chris Avellone, who is now no longer associated with the projects he was involved with, such as Dying Light 2. Several streamers on Twitch are now being held accountable, with bans being issued. Companies like Ubisoft have also been taking action, with the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla director stepping down, and the company suspending two executives. I won’t be getting into any more details of those situations, however I think its important to know that not only a number of people have been accused, but that this has once again brought light to the fact that this isn’t just a few bad apples. I’m going to take something that Rob Fahey wrote here because he did it better than I can, “The games industry, like several other creative industries…has an innate cultural and institutional problem that permits this kind of abuse to happen with impunity.” I’m going to ending it on that, but I wanted to talk about it here today because we as gamers are active participants in this industry and it is important to know the kind of environments it fosters. My heart goes out to everyone who was brave enough to speak up.

The Last of Us Part II sold 4 million copies of the game in its first 3 days on sale. This makes it the fastest selling Playstation exclusive, beating out Spider-Man and God Of War, which were both just over 3 million. The UK sales charts also told us last week that its the fastest selling game of the year so far, at least in that region. This will be definitely be a strong catalogue game for Sony in the years moving forward, but I wouldn’t surprised to see even more millions of copies since the first 3 days. Besides sales, Naughty Dog has confirmed that there are no plans for DLC for the game, like there was for the first game. Apparently they are planning to bring back the previously announced multiplayer mode, but it won’t be as a part of the game, it’ll be a separate release.

Sea of Thieves is going to be introducing custom servers in the near future. The feature will begin in an Alpha, so only a few people will have access to it initially, but obviously the goal is that you’ll be able to play with your friends without coming across others in the game. I know there has been a lot of community building with that game as well, so being able to customize the experience will be good for them, I hope it works out. Speaking of Sea of Thieves, there is an update on the way to to the game State of Decay 2, and they are going to be having some crossover cosmetic content. In that update will also be something called the Green Zone, which I will let them describe, “Think of the Green Zone has a more relaxes, accessible apocalypse, designed for all those gamers who’d like to explore what’s possible in [the game] without enduring quite so much stress.” I think that’s a tremendous idea, and I’m happy to see that the game is still getting content.

When Telltale closed their doors a few years ago, many of their games ended up being taken off of storefronts, and they’ve slowly been reappearing over time. Well today. Tales of Monkey Island is now available for purchase once again on Steam and GOG. And it looks like to celebrate that, they’ve got it 50% off for the next week or so, which is pretty cool. I’ve heard good things, so if you like Monkey Island then maybe go check that out.