Take-Two and Embracer Group financials, more!

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer and welcome back to the show for Thursday, May 21st. Very excited to be here, hope you are too, let’s talk about some video games.

Ok we’ve got two companies with financials today, we’re gonna start here with Take-Two Interactive. Their full year earnings have set company records in net bookings, recurrent customer spending, and profit, so the company is doing extremely well for themselves. They’ve also got some updated numbers for us in terms of individual games. So GTA V has hit 130 million units shipped, we talked about that on Sunday, RDR 2 has hit 31 million, Borderlands 3 is at over 10 million, and the Outer Worlds has hit 2.5 million. Speaking of games, its going to be a fairly light year for them in the next 12 months, not too too much coming up, certainly not much announced. Kerbal Space Program 2 has been delayed until fall of 2021, so that’s been shifted. Thinking a little more long term, they’ve said that they have 93 games planned for the next 5 years, so certainly they’ve got a lot in the works right now.

Alright and the other company to take a look at here is the Embracer Group, and if there’s anybody that can compete with Take-Two’s 93 games in 5 years, its them. In fact they currently have 118 games in development at one time, so…Anyway, they’re doing okay. 3% increase in revenue, 10% decrease in profit thanks to a hit in their publishing and film division, which was hit by the pandemic. If you look at their first-party games alone, they actually had a 31% increase in revenue. Anyway, they may have 118 games in development, but their current goal is one AAA game per year. This fiscal year, they’re looking at games like Biomutant, Chrous, Destroy All Humans, and WWE2K Battlegrounds. That’s pretty much all, nothing too extraordinary for them this time around.

The hit mini-golf game Golf With Your Friends has just left Early Access, adding a new course to its selection alongside the official release. I’ll just say it, if you have a group of friends that regularly plays games together, I think you’ll have a lot of fun playing a mini-golf game. Golf With Your Friends is good, so is Golf It, there’s a few options out there. To be honest I’m sure they’d be fun to play solo as well. Anyway It’s also pretty great because it has Steam Workshop support, which lets you download community maps, and that’s always a cool thing. I’ve always wanted to play one of these but never got around to it. Check it out.

The standalone Witcher 3 card game Gwent is now officially available on Steam with full crossplay and Thronebreaker support. If you missed this somehow, this was originally a mini-game, which then got spun off into a standalone card game ala Hearthstone. And then at some point in its life, they did a complete redesign of the game, and launched a standalone story mode for it as well, which is where the integration between the two comes in. Previously exclusive to GOG and mobile, now available on Steam, it’s free to play and I’ve heard good things, check it out.

Alright folks, that’s going to do it for today, thank you very much for joining me. I’d also like to thank Jack for leaving me a 5-star review on Amazon, and he has encouraged me to change the intro music back to the original. I hear you buddy, but I’ve been listening to that song every single day for 2.5 years, unfortunately the change had to happen at some point. I’m not going to have an After-Show today because I’m recording super late into the night unfortunately, but I will be back tomorrow with the news, so until my friends, happy gaming everyone.