Baldur’s Gate 3 details, GDC looking empty, more

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from and welcome back to your daily gaming update for Friday, February 28th. Lots to get into here today, so let’s jump in.

Baldur’s Gate 3 details

Baldurs Gate 3 has had some gameplay shown off at Pax East, and a lot of articles have been thrown out there in the last 12 hours. Now if you watch video of this game, it actually looks quite similar to Divinity: Original Sin. There are some obvious changes, like the fact that it uses the Dungeons and Dragons ruleset , and they also have a cinematic camera for dialogue interactions. But for the most part, it seems like this strays from the original Baldurs Gate games, and leans towards Divinity. As Polygon put it, “If you had told me this was Original Sin 3, I wouldn’t have been shocked.” That being said, the #1 thing that everybody is saying, is that its far deeper and more complex. The idea they have with the game is that it should play out like a session of D&D, where you can do anything you want within the system provided. So if you need to get to a higher elevation, you can stack crates and climb them. If you had your weapons stolen, you can throw your boots at an attacking enemy. In any event, people love the Original Sin games, people love D&D, and people love Baldur’s Gate. If you happen to fall anywhere on that venn diagram, then I’m sure you’re in for a good time. The belief is that this will be entering Early Access later this year.

GDC has had lots of companies drop out

The Game Developer’s Conference is in dire straits. This is an annual event that brings together the world’s developers. It’s often the source of many funding opportunties for indie titles, and in many cases is the host to a number of announcement for us gamers. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus outbreak, speculation of GDC being cancelled is running wild. Up to this point, though there may be more in the future, we have seen cancellations from Sony, Facebook, Kojima Productions, EA, Microsoft, Epic Games, and Unity. The latter two of which are the owners of probably the most used game development software in the world. One anonymous publicist as said “I’m triaging the collapse of GDC from PAX and this is actually what hell feels like…I have about $20,000 in suites for the week, and our announcement for a new game reveal and its subsequent Kickstarter is screwed.” Very unfortunate times, but of course health and safety should be priortized above all, especially considering GDC’s host city, San Francisco, has declared a precautionary state of emergency.

Borderlands 3 arrives on Steam soon, alongside second DLC

Borderlands 3 will be exiting Epic Games Store exclusivity, and arriving on Steam on March 13th. Only two weeks after that we see the arrival of its second DLC. Cross-play between the PC platrforms will be immediately available, but not to consoles. And you know, when Metro Exodus arrived on Steam, it sold 200,000 copies in a few days, so I imagine we’ll see something similar here. Those exclusivity deals are proving to be a good investment for both sides.

Stellaris expansion “Federations” launching March 17th

Stellaris will be getting its newest expansion “Federations” on March 17th. The expansion will be focusing on diplomacy, introducing things like Trade Leagues, Martial Alliances, and a galactic senate. It’ll cost $20 American, and will come with a free update for all players, which has some quality of life improvements.

I’d like to thank you very much for tuning in here today. I will be back tomorrow with the news, as I am every Monday-Friday, so until then, Happy Gaming everyone.