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Riot Games employees threatening to walkout

Riot Games employees are threatening to walk out of the company, and the organization efforts have raised the attention of the executives. They were actually quite sympathetic to the effort, stating that they were happy to have people stand up for what they believe in. In response, Chief Diversity Officer Angela Roseboro has set up a series of small sessions to allow employees the opportunity to speak their mind. That being said, some have felt that this only adds to the pile of closed door meetings, when really what they want is transparency. I’ll have more on this as it plays out.

Sea Hero Quest helps researchers detect Alzheimer’s in young people

There’s this really fascinating article that came out from Kotaku today talking about a VR mobile game that is helping detect Alzeheimer’s. It’s called Sea Hero Quest, and it is designed to identify people who have early symptoms of dementia that medical tests can’t find. According to researchers, every two minutes spent playing the game is equal to give hours of lab-based research. Up to this point, they’ve collected the equivalent of 1700 years of research data. In the future, they’re hoping to begin treating people before they begin suffering some of the worse late stage symptoms. Really cool to see how a video game can be so beneficial to medical research, and I hope they can use this experience to help in other areas well!

Anno 1800 is the fastest selling game in the series

Ubisoft has revealed that Anno 1800 is the fastest selling game in the series, more than quadrupling the sales of its predecessor. So if you didn’t have a reason to try out this city-builder, here’s one. Lots of positive reviews since its release, and now they’ll probably be making more in the future considering this success.

So that’s actually all for today but I just wanted to give you a very very quick update on the Observer. I’m going to be going home for about a week and a half, and every time I do that I’m really bad at doing the the daily updates, so I’m going to be rigororous this time around. Starting this Thursday, make sure you have an eye on my Twitter, @gaming_observer, so you know what’s going on as time goes on.

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