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How is it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for April 29th, 2019. For links and a transcript, head over to thegamingobserver.com.

NetherRealm to fix unfair mode in Mortal Kombat 11

So if you haven’t been following news from Mortal Kombat 11, you will have missed out on a very disgruntled playerbase, and now Netherealm is hoping to alleviate their angerr. Essentially, in the single-player Towers of Time mode, people have the opportunity to beat AI for rewards. The only problem is that these towers are impossibly difficult. If you watch footage of someone trying to play it, it’s actually ridiculous. Some people have suggested that this was done intentionally to make people buy consumables that can be used in the fight. They are patching in an update soon, as well as giving away some in-game currency as a sorry.

Check out A Plague Tale: Innocence

Let me tell you about a game called A Plague Tale: Innocence. I’ve been seeing it all over the place but never actually bothered to take a look, but now that I have I’m impressed. This game is made by Asobo Studio, with the IP belonging to Focus Home Interactive. The game takes place in 14th century France, and follows two noblemans children as they attempt to flee the spanish inquisiton. It’s a third person narratieve driven adventure, which has lots of stealth and dual-character puzzles. There is 8 minutes of gameplay that has been posted which looks like a lot of fun, and is visually stunning. I encourage you to check it out if it sounds like your kind of game. Releasing on May 14th on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

Kingdom Hearts III getting a paid DLC called “ReMIND”

Kingdom Hearts III has had a new DLC announced, called “ReMIND”. It will feature a new scenario, two episodes each with a boss, and some free in-game items as well. You should know more about this some time in June.

Gone Home is free to keep until May 5th

The game Gone Home is currently free to keep on Humble Bundle. It is a DRM free download, and will be available until May 5th, if you just so happen to not already own it.

Okay, that’s your Daily Gaming Update thank you for tuning in. As always I want to also thank Brandon, who supports the show through Patreon. I am Adrian Simple, have a fantastic day, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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