Nepal bans PUBG, Hitman 2 roadmap, much more



How is it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for April 12th, 2019. Head over to for links and a transcript of today’s report.

Nepal bans Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

The country of Nepal has banned Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The telecommunications authority issued the ban, saying they did it because quote “it is addictive to children and teenagers.” endquote. The ban will be coming into effect on Thursday, and it’s quite interesting because the authority also said that so far there haven’t been any incidents linked to the game. Instead it’s because parents are concerned about the game’s interruptions to studies and normal routines.

Hitman 2 roadmap released

IO Interactive has revealed Hitman 2’s 2019 roadmap, and it looks like they’ve got quite a bit of fun stuff planned. For those who own the Silver and Gold editions of the game, you will be getting a new location, some cosmetics, and a ghost mode in the Spring. In the summer you’ll get a new level, and two specials assignments. Then for Gold holders only, new levels, specials assignments, and cosmetics in the fall. This is of course on top of all their weekly content.

Take-Two/Pinkerton case dropped

A long while back I talked about how Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations had filed suit against Rockstar and Take-Two for trademark infringement Red Dead Redemption 2. With Pinkerton agents being prominent parts of the game, they felt their name was being used without permission. Take-Two and Rockstar counter-suited, saying that the Pinkertons were over extending their rights over the name, and that their references to a historical agency were protected under the First Amendment. Well, this whole debacle has finally ended. There was a voluntary dismissal of the case, and nobody will have to worry about it again. Not particularly important in the grand scheme of things, but certainly interesting.

Axiom Soccer released on Steam. Pathway released on Steam

A game called Axiom Soccer is released for free on Steam Early Access today. It looks a lot like Rocket League, but has far different mechanics. Instead of flying around the arena, you’ll be attempting to shoot the ball in the opponent’s net. It looks playable at least, and if you’re interested in the genre it might be worth a look at. The other game I wanted to highlight today is called Pathway, which comes from Robotality and Chucklefish. This is a turn-based tactical RPG, and it’s listed at $16 American dollars. It has a wonderful setting, a lot of people are making connections to Indiana Jones, and the graphics hold up quite well. I can’t speak to gameplay, but Chucklefish has a great portfolio and I would trust them with my money.

Okay, that’s your Daily Gaming Update thank you very much for tuning. I am Adrian Simple and you can find me at my email As always I want to thank Brandon, who supports the show through Thank you very much, have a phenomenal day, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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