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How is it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer, and this is your Daily Gaming Update for April 11th, 2019. Head over to for links and a transcript of today’s report.

Sea of Thieves anniversary update info

A game that has been making the rounds in the press recently is Sea Of Thieves, which will be releasing it’s Anniversary Update on April 30th. PCGamer wrote an article talking about how much better the game is now compared to its release last year. That update has two additions inside of it. The first is called “Tall Tales”, which is a campaign that you play with your crewmates, it plays out like a mini story for the game. The other is an arena mode, which is a competitive multiplayer that seems like a lot of fun. In a talk at EGX Rezzed, they held a session about the game, and they really described this update as Sea of Thieves 2.0, almost a relaunch of sorts. They were planning on releasing these updates as two separate things, but figured they should package it together and make a big deal out of its resurgence. Anyway, if you want to return or begin, April 30th would be a great time to do so.

PSN ID Changes now possible

PlayStation players, you are now able to change your PSN Online ID, which means that name that you came up with 10 years ago can finally get updated. Sony was late to the game on this one, but they’ve arrived at last. They have warned that some older games might not be compatible with the name change, but most of them will work fine. This can be done through your PS4 or PC, and your first change will be free. After that, $10 american smackaroonie per change, much like Xbox.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered arriving May 14th

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered has been given a release date of May 14th. Originally released in 2012, they’ll be updating the graphics significantly. I was surprised to see this one and I’m not sure who they’ll be marketing it for, but I’m happy to see developers doing this nonetheless.

Xbox Game Pass getting MH:W and Prey

Xbox Game Pass subscribers, you’ve got something to look forward to this April. Arriving to the service this month is Monster Hunter World, Prey, Resident Evil 5, and the second episode of Life Is Strange 2. Quite the lineup and I might even consider joining myself for that sweet sweet Monster Hunter.

Okay, that’s your Daily Gaming Update thank you very much for tuning. I am Adrian Simple and you can find me at my email As always I want to thank Brandon, who supports the show through Thank you very much, have a phenomenal day, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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