Saying Goodbye.

The Gaming Observer daily show is ending.

For a full explanation, please watch the video below:

TGO has been one of the best experiences of my life. I made genuine friends, went on wild adventures, had one of the best communities on the internet, and had a platform to thousands of people every day. I will never regret a single moment of the last four years, and I feel so honored that you went on this journey with me.

I’m doing this because my life is going to be changing pretty significantly pretty soon, and maintaining the show is going to be a logistical nightmare. Not only that, but my heart hasn’t been in it the way that it used to be. I would prefer to end all of this on a high note, rather than kicking and screaming.

I don’t think that I’ll disappear forever. There are some projects that I would still love to do, and I may as well put it under the TGO brand while I have it. I just don’t want to promise that I’m sticking around, when in reality I’m going to do less than 5% of my usual output. The Discord server will remain open, and you should definitely subscribe to the YouTube channel or follow me on Twitter for updates from me in the future.

Most importantly, I want to say THANK YOU. None of this would have been possible without you listening along and interacting with me on social. I’m walking away with a smile on my face, because nothing but positives have come from this wild ride 🙂

It would really mean a lot to me if you would leave a comment below sharing your happiest memories or personal anecdotes about The Gaming Observer. I’d like a place for all the goodbyes to be preserved, and this can serve as a landing page for that. If you’d rather send me an email or DM me on social media, that is fine as well!

I will never forget this incredible journey we went on. Thank you.

Happy gaming everyone.


74 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye.”

  1. Adrian,
    I discovered your show too late! I started listening to your show only a few months before it ended. I settled on it after checking out other gaming shows. Your show was the one I looked forward to the most of them. I just now got around to watching your goodbye video. I completely understand where you are coming from. I’m in my 40s and I’ve been through plenty of seasons in my life where things needed to change… sometimes at a sacrifice. But I look back and love my journey. You will too. You are very talented and will be a blessing wherever you go. Best of luck you. BTW – you do have a kick ass radio voice.

  2. I still miss it. Before the show ended this podcast was part of my nightly routine for 2ish years. I remember the beginning of the end like it was yesterday, and while finding new ways to get to sleep has been a tad bit difficult, I still fully supported Adrian’s quest for adventure. Man if you ever start up a new podcast I will be one of your first listeners. Thanks for putting out the amazing content!

  3. As my husband was playing Stray today, I really missed your show. I loved how listening gave me a heads up in to topics he’d soon be talking about. I also miss hearing about your life adventures. I hope you post some random updates so we all hear about your future successes. Best of luck.

  4. When I first got my first ALEXA device and search for Video Gaming News, I saw TGO listed there and I listened to your show for the first time, and I found that not only was this show entertaining but it was informative to gamers of all ages like me who has been gaming since the 1980’s, especially the host who first introduced himself as Adrian Simple, and ever since then whenever I was to consider buying a game I always listen to every detail of information regarding a video game and his advice, but when I learned that TGO was ending, I was really sad because when you have a passion for something, you owe it to yourself to see it through to the end, I can only hope we haven’t heard the end of TGO and Adrian in the future, but as a long-time listener I wish him well and to thank him for the memories, and we hope to hear from you in the future.

    Geoff J.Brown

  5. I wanted to comment but also didn’t want to because it’s was at 69 but now uts 70 comments but just wanted to say that I didn’t listen to this much as I was often busy or just forgot but when I did it left me feeling happy and it was good to know someone else opinion on things video game related but this has inspired me to keed with my passion for video games and you should too.

    Hopefully this is not the last we see of you, goodbye.

  6. Wishing you all the best it is a shame that it’s come to an end, have listened from the beginning and I found it re-ignited my passion for gaming that I thought was completely lost,
    hopefully someone will come in to fill that niche thing you have made in the future or you come back who knows but was definitely a wonderful time listening to the show on my Alexa every morning so thank you and good luck

  7. I got on board with your show late in the game but have really enjoyed it while getting ready for work in the mornings. Very informative and I will certainly miss it. Good luck in your future endeavors! Hope to hear from you in some format in the future and until then HAPPY GAMING!

  8. Ever since my daughter was born, we have had breakfast with you in the background! I really enjoyed your take on the news! All the best in your future endeavours!

  9. I went on vacation, and when I came back, TGO was gone. It was part of my morning routine since almost the beginning. I’m sad to see you go, but I understand why you need to leave. I wish you the best of luck in life, wherever it may take you. Thanks for the memories.

  10. Gutted, TGO was my favourite app on Alexa for my morning news.
    Best of luck to you and your family. With your degree im hoping to see your name appear in the future. Maybe on the next big movie or super theatre hit or even better perhaps you can get a job in the gaming industry. That would be very cool :).

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  11. Adrian, your show was pillar to my morning routine! I really believe you have a gift with the way you express yourself and convey messages to everyone about gaming. Your humble and balance news and opinions were pretty much right on. It is sad to see TGO ‘drive to the sunset’. I can’t imagine how you feel being your creation and all. Either way I just hope you can have a great life doing what you love. TGO made my day and I’m extremely thankful. Happy gamin’ Adrian!

  12. I will miss you and your nice voice so much ! I wish you the best for your future ! Take time for you, enjoy life and do what you love! Maybe you will come back to us with fresh ideas and rock it again !
    We all will remember you.

  13. Man, my mornings aren’t going to be the same. I’d love to take over the show and keep it going. You will be missed a lot.

  14. Me and the kids will miss you but Thanks for doing the Observer in the first place and Good Luck with the next part of your life.
    And never say never, aye 😉

  15. Darn, I just started listening, so this is devastating news… but I wish you all the best and I know you will continue to be successful with your amazing personality and drive!

  16. Thanks for all the shows! I enjoyed the daily updates. If you ever return to daily or weekly shows, I’ll be there again! Good luck in your travels!

  17. Adrian –
    I am one of those lurker listeners you referred to in your video but it can’t be overstated how much I received from your daily content every morning. I lost track of how long I’ve been listening to your daily updates so I’ll assume it’s been almost the full 4 years time but you’ve been the lynchpin of my morning routine that began my day. TGO was first news story in my Alexa flash briefing routine, even before the weather! You really carved out an innovative way to receive gaming news in wonderfully informative and short snippets that brought great news and even greater opinions to listeners ears. I’ve taken many game recommendations from you over the years and am so excited for you to be able to read these comments and maybe even take some life recommendations from your audience in exchange for your years of hard work. Stay inquisitive, hungry for experiences, open to learning new things, and positive about what the future could hold! You clearly have the tools to start your next life venture with all the skills you’ve learned and honed over time. Do what you think makes you and your family happy and don’t be afraid or let down if that thing ever changes. Change can be opportunity in disguise. Safe travels on your upcoming adventure!

  18. Hi, middle aged gamer here who started gaming on his grandfather’s Atari 2600 & Colecovision combined console. (It’s as weird as it sounds, but Asteroids and Pepper II we’re great games)

    Anyway, I have been listening to you from the beginning, in 2018. Your show was awesome from the start. I’ve always listened on my Alexa, as I’m getting ready for work or while cooking dinner. Your show was the best way to stay up to date on gaming news, hands free, while working on other tasks.

    You will very much be missed. Don’t be a stranger. I’m looking forward to see what new projects you’ll be working on, with your theater degree. Maybe you’ll consider doing voices for animated shows/movies? Or even acting in live action movies? Whatever you do, we the people and your fans will enjoy your work as we have for the past 4+ years.

    Good job on TGO and good luck to your future endeavors!

  19. Your update was the one show on our Alexa Flash Briefing that my three kids looked forward to every morning while getting ready for school. They were so sad to hear that it was ending. Your update made them, and myself, feel a little more plugged in to the world of gaming. Best of luck in whatever you do in the future!

  20. Good luck for the future. I really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into the show over the years. I’ll certainly miss having the show as a part of my daily routine, but I understand that all good things must come to an end eventually. This show has consistently kept me informed and has shown me sides of the gaming industry which I never knew existed. Despite listening for the news, my favourite episode has to be the one where you discussed how your grandad used to play Bubble Bobble. The music from that game and Bust a move, are very nostalgic for me as well. Thanks for putting your heart into this show!

  21. I’d love to see you pass the seat on to a deserving predecessor. You could continue at 5% while the new person takes over the 95%.

    It’s a unique niche you’ve carved on the daily briefing/flash briefing platform. I urge you not to let it out to pasture.

  22. I can’t believe how sad this news made me. I have been a listener for years and I was shocked when I first learned you were a college kid. Very professional, well crafted show for a side project. Your show lifted my spirits when I was working from home during quarantine. Thank you, best of luck, stay gold & Happy gaming!!

  23. I listen to TGO every morning as a Mum of a gamer who wants to design games. It’s helped me chat to my 13 year old gaming son about what’s happening in his world. Thank you and good luck with whatever is next!

  24. I found TGO while looking for new news feeds to add to my morning Alexa routine about a year ago. TGO quickly became my favorite. Your love for games came through loud and clear, which made it very enjoyable to listen to. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to in the mornings, Adrian. Best of luck to you and Shelby.

  25. I don’t really know where to start, because there is so much to talk about and thank you for. You have been part of my life for the last couple years or more and I will really miss you. Your show is different and not like any other because you are a special kind of person and speak honestly and humbly. You let us into your life, and as much as I love gaming, I loved even more hearing about your life and thoughts every day. Having the after show was a great idea, and let everyone know the kind, caring and thoughtful person you are. I’m sure a lot of others loved hearing about your life and other things beyond gaming just as much.

    It will seem empty not having your show to listen to every day. I’ve went through a lot of hard times since getting lupus and fibromyalgia amongst other things, and it has been so great having your show to listen to and help get my day going. Thank you for giving us so much of your time. I know it took away from other things in your life, and really appreciate that you did it for so long.

    I hope you end up doing other things in the future, when you feel you are ready. I would be happy to see anything from you, whether it’s a once a week gaming show that’s longer, a video of you and Kato, or a podcast or show about your life traveling! It would be great to see what you and Shelby are experiencing on your travels! I will watch out to see if anything gets posted from you. I will send an email also, so I can talk some more about Brandon Sanderson books and some other things I’ve been wanting to talk to you about. I hope you don’t mind!

    Take care of yourself, and I hope you have a wonderful journey experiencing the world, and most of all, are happy! You will be missed a lot!

  26. Sometimes you take for granted the things that become ingrained in your life. I’ve been listening to your daily briefs every single morning as a part of my Alexa morning alarm routine for your entire run. Having worked for a gaming company in the past, I totally understand how taking something that you love so passionately and making it “work,” can drain you. Thank you so much for all you’ve done, and what you’ve shared. I’m grateful you took the time to share it with us.

  27. Our family had been listening to TGO for the last couple of years, and it always had better and consistent sound, good research, and neutral opinions. And when opinions were not that neutral, they were very mature and thought through. And with all this, Adrian’s friendly personality leaked through the news into our lives, and became one of the better parts of our daily routines.

    I’ll “miss you, but let you go”. Thank you for everything that you’ve already done, and I wish you lots of cool experiences, in your projects, and just in the life ahead. Hopefully, we’re saying goodbyes to TGO only, and not to Adrian. You’re always welcome in the community you’ve created!

  28. Wow! I started to worry after a week + of no shows, but I didn’t expect it. I TRULY appreciate that you spent so much time, and gave so much effort, to make my mornings a little more enjoyable. I will really miss your positivity and insight when talking about my favorite subject. I believe you have a great talent for this type of work, and you should strongly consider doing something like this again in the future. I would support you again. Thank you so much for all the good times and for the great starts to my day. You are a young guy with the whole world available to you. I am 100% sure you will succeed in your work and be happy.
    Jason Mc

  29. As a father of a daughter approaching her teen years I appreciate your show and the bond it strengthened between us. I hope we can find something similar to fill the void that your departure leaves and I wish you the best as you start some new adventures. Happy gaming Adrian.

  30. Hi Adrian,

    Listening to your updates every day with a cup of coffee was the perfect combination to start my day. While I am sad to see the gaming observer ending, I am happy for you for making this decision out of your own conviction. Be proud of what you’ve done, and happy gaming!

  31. Hi Adrian: I was new to the game …the Game Observer that is. Only for the last year since I found it in the routines of my new Google Home Nest. I thought jeez here is a game commentator that has a folksy sound that clearly is knowledgeable about gaming and pop culture not just some talking head obviously reading from a script they did not write. That really came though and kept me listening and finally watching your Good Bye YouTube video. You spoke to us not at us even to this retired gamer in a quaint little town not far from Canada’s Capital. Thank you and my best to you and Selby.

  32. Hi Adrian,

    As you know, I’ve been a long time listener (From October 2018 I believe). You, The Gaming Observer and the AfterShow have been part of my Alexa daily routine every morning for over 3 years. Where am I going to get my gaming news fix now? 😥
    Being part of TGO’s journey has been amazing. Seeing both you and TGO grow and evolve, experimenting with new things has been inspirational.

    I will really miss the show, but I wish you and Shelby all the best for the future.

  33. I only recently found your show (like the last 3-4 months I think?), but I really looked forward to it, and I’m definitely going to miss it. I had programed it into my Google Nest, so I got to hear it every morning, which was a great way to catch up on all the info for the day. Thanks for all the news!

  34. You have brought light into our mornings for both my family and my students for years. I was getting the feeling that things were just not working out while you are starting your career and travel plans. No one can do it all. There are a ton of podcasts out there but yours was an instant favorite. You are so talented and brought us not only the news but a refreshing view on issues in the gaming industry. I could always trust the content would be appropriate and enlightening in my classroom. Every day was truly a gift. I didn’t know how you managed it in college M-F much less the weekends. We love the TGO postcard you sent and are glad we could get you a few ‘cups of coffee’ to show our gratitude. I am hopeful this isn’t the last we see or hear from you Adrian! Keep us posted on your new endeavors!

  35. Every morning without fail you were a comforting voice talking about subjects close to my heart – and while news can often focus on doom and gloom, you gave us something positive, with critical thought behind any and all opinions, and always reaffirming that we need to make our own opinions on changes/updates/buy-outs, etc.

    You truly have a gift in your presentation skills and I hope you bring your calm and balanced approach to all things you do in the future. Best of luck and take care out there!

  36. Thank you! Your show has been apart of my morning routine for close to 2 years now. Sad to hear it’s coming to an end, but you’re making the right call by stopping it when it no longer serves you the way it used to. So, thanks for all the good times / video game insights over the past 2 years, and good luck with all your future adventures!

  37. Sad you’re calling time on this project. TGO has been a key part of my daily morning routine for the last few years and I’ve really enjoyed listening. Along with the daily bits of joy, your game recommendations have also lead me to explore new games that I would have never have tried.

    I’m hopeful that in the future your situation changes so that you consider returning, maybe even as a less intense weekly installment? But it’s important you do what’s important for you and that drive and passion is behind it.

    Thank you, and all the best of luck for the future

    England, UK

  38. Adrian,
    I stumbled across your show by chance after getting my first Amazon Echo. I later realized that this was near the very beginning of your journey and that I’ve listened to nearly every show you’ve ever done. I continued to listen because you were so well spoken, and brought up topics I would normally not think about on my own. You will be missed by many, and I hope your new path allows you to follow your passions.

    Thank You for Everything

  39. Adrian, you’ve been a part of my morning routine for what seems like forever. It eased the burden of waking up during what has been a very tough couple of years. I wanted to thank you for that, and to wish you all the joy in the world and the best of luck for your future endeavours. Take it easy fella, Dan over in Manchester, UK

  40. This has obviously been weighing on you for some time, *thank you so much for everything you’ve put into this show*, it’s been a true pleasure to listen.
    You’re an awesome person and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. Wishing you all the very best dude.
    Happy Gaming 🖤

  41. Sad to hear this is the end of the journey. You were part of my morning routine for almost a year. Often giving a different piece of insights compared to those other gaming podcast that only talks about the latest game and latest news.
    Really gonna miss your show but all the best for your future venture. I do hope you may come back to do more shows one way or another.

  42. only got into the news show recently, but it was really good. best part of my morning ride. gonna miss you man, do what you gotta do

  43. Such a beautiful video. I can’t believe that’s the last time I will hear “Happy gaming everyone”.

    Top 3 things I’ve gained from listening to TGO.
    1. I now venture out of my comfort zone and have tried many games I never would’ve considered before, and it’s been awesome.
    2. I got my first vax after Adrian talked about his experience and how easy it was.
    3. Saved money by learning how to play some games for free.

    Thank you for all the entertainment, and the shout outs (I get such a kick out of those). I’ve enjoyed learning about life in Canada and will miss hearing about Shelby and your family. I have a feeling you will go on to do big things.

  44. Every day for 4 years! It feels like losing a friend almost. But I know all too well that life always catches up at some point.

    Looking forward to any other projects you may put out in the future. And if not, that’s cool too! Take care, Adrian!

  45. Adrian,
    KC here…radio guy from Tulsa. Firefoot.
    Really happy for you. Following passions it what it’s about. Not passionate…now’s the time to change. Obviously…you will be missed, as you see by the outpouring of this great community you started.
    Thank you for:
    1. Slay the Spire. I wouldn’t have tried it without you. Now…addicted to deck builder/roguelikes
    2. Brandon Sanderson
    3. The idea of traveling and house sitting…my wife are looking into it!
    4. Pulling back the curtain of humanity…looking into corporate gaming devs and their practices
    Enjoy this next level in life.

  46. Hi Adrian,
    To “the guy with a microphone”, completely understand how you feel. Thank you for TGO and for all your candor.
    Best wishes to you and Shelby,

  47. Your calm enthusiasm has been a staple of my morning shower routine that will be missed. Glad you’re moving on to better things, all the best!

  48. Thanks much for everything over the last few years. I’ve listened to your show every day after work to help me unwind and I’m sorry to hear it’s ending. All I can say is Happy Gaming Adrian!

  49. Why don’t you make it a weekly show? You have a great podcasting voice, sad to see you go, but as usual people get bored of what they do and move on, let’s be honest, this is the real reason ☺️

  50. Thank you Adrian for your positivity and overriding message of ‘happy gaming’. It has changed my general outlook on gaming and I no longer feel guilty about moving on from a game I’m not enjoying!
    I’ve always appreciated your ‘talky’ bits when you discuss anything that’s on your mind, even if it’s not strictly gaming related. This is the reason you have so many followers, you’re a talented talker with a natural flow, not to mention a strong moral compass and humble to boot!
    I can’t leave without saying a thank you to your team and the generous folk on the Discord server that keep things ticking over.
    I wish you the very best in your future ventures and travels.

  51. Thanks so much for the show. My wife and I listened almost every morning for years now – it’s been educational and entertaining as we are both gamers. Your content and positivity has always been welcome. If it helps put your mind at ease, I ran a gaming club for 2 years when I was your age. It was extremely popular and worked a lot better than I ever had reason to think it could. At the end, I felt burnt out and it had just become too much work. I was really not sure if stopping was the best thing to do, or if I should just change certain things, but groups like this have an energy of their own, and i found it impossible to change. Looking back to 30 years ago – this was the right choice, and I have great memories of the time and I don’t regret any of it, but I also don’t regret stopping it. Sometimes, the time just comes to move on. Best of luck in whatever comes next ! Cheers mate.

  52. Thanks for doing the show for as long as you did. I hope you have a great future Adrian, and maybe, one day, we will all see you again.

  53. I am very bummed you’re not making the show anymore. Understand why you’re not doing it if you’re bummed every day doing it and life intervenes. Why not make it weekly if that solves your problems? I’d listen in!

    Regardless, best of luck.

  54. Thank you for this.

    You were part of my morning routine for months, on my Google newsfeed. Also loved the special music episode you did (with your favorite pieces of music from games)

    I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

    Also, curious where you got those tunes from (sounded a bit weird both this, and the last podcast, ending without that “end” music!)

  55. Thank you Adrian for every single minute you put into this show. It takes a lot of work and passion and you created something special that I enjoyed and many many others did too. Proud of you doing the right thing and following your next passion. Appreciate you!

  56. You’ve been part of my wake-up routine for several years now and you’ve put a friendly, positive voice on gaming (a rare thing!) and picked up on the same stories and issues I would have.

    One thing, if I ever fell asleep again while you were talking I’m so sorry! It was me, not you.

    I don’t envy the pressure of producing a daily show but I still hope you’ll find some way to make occasional contributions.
    I’ll miss your voice – in both respects!
    Take care and keep it Simple!

  57. Thanks Adrian for your time to create such a fun content, it was really nice to hear you taking and mainly expressing your opinion and telling about your relationship with games, it was a great pleasure and I or will be missed during my dish washing lol cheers!

  58. My friend Adrian, I say my friend because you were in my home just about everyday. We laughed, you informed me of my gaming news. You were my first flash briefing I’de listen to daily. So thank you. For some reason, the episode where you said that a game your grandfather played or reminded you of stands out in my mind. When you were away during Covid-19, my wife and I were concerned for your health and welfare. Please enjoy your life and may others bring you joy the way that you have done for my wife and I for the past three years.

    Your daily listener, happy Gaming Adrian.

  59. It is quite sad to hear about TGO ending, as it has been part of my nightly routine for years now, ever since I found the show in my old apartment.
    I never really interacted very much in the Discord due to my shyness and introverted personality, but I kept watch from afar.
    It was always really nice having someone to condense the news going on into bite sized chunks every day, and was always cool being able to interact with Adrian and the show, helping with corrections, answering the mailbag, hearing other people’s responses in the mailbags, and it always made my day when I heard Adrian use one of my corrections or mailbag responses.
    It feels like there’s going to be something missing from my nightly routine from now on. But the end of TGO does not mean the end of everything. Adrian is going on to bigger and better things in life, and I know I’ll be here rooting him on the entire time!

    To Adrian, and all of the TGO community, thank you for being such a great part of my life. You’re all amazing and I love you all~<3

  60. The most wholesome part of my morning, TGO was consistently entertaining and educational (in that I’d always walk away going “wow, I had no idea that was going on”). Being in a country a day ahead of the US, TGO never failed to make me think I was a day behind. I’d walk around all day thinking it was a Wednesday as that’s what TGO said that morning, despite it being Thursday.
    Will miss the mockery from my friends.
    I’ll miss the show dearly.
    Thank you for making what I would call the best gaming-related show on the internet!


  61. You know how they say most start-ups don’t make it. I always knew that was a risk with TGO, even though it was never really a start-up business, though I did get the sense you wanted it to. I have greatly enjoyed TGO and will miss it greatly. It started out with a podcast and the occasional email with some college kid in Canada. It was a regular part of my day to the point I started listening to the podcase the night before. I’m so sad this is happening.

    I’m going to be the contrarian here and ask you to not give up. Several times, as you have talked about adding new outlets to the Observer, I have emailed you asking you to make sure you are not overburdening yourself. So I hope burnout isn’t the core part of what drove you to this decision. There ARE options like just weekend shows instead of daily updates – there is nothing wrong with that! You already (wisely) cut the newsletter. And while neat, I never felt all the Youtube videos and TGO radio shows were needed, though I always got the sense you did them out of fun rather than obligation. Heck, maybe that’s the future outlet you may choose.

    You don’t need this to be an obligation. You can just be a dude with a microphone that posts about his view on videogames and videogame news, when you feel like it. You never had to post every night. YOU DON’T OWE ANYONE ANYTHING! Plenty of other content creators travel the world and post updates when they can. You are not dependent on it for income like a business. You are not bound to a schedule or getting a number of views. But if your heart is no longer in it, then I ultimately support your decision, though I am very sad to see you go.

    Take care of yourself.

    Always yours,
    Barry “NCIceman” Hales

    ps Your email is staying in my address book! If you change it, let us know!

  62. Thank you for being real, keep it pimp. No more hay google play the gaming observer. You’ll be back in due time I hope. But as they say all good things most come to an end. Peace love and hippieness

  63. Adrian,

    Thank you so much for doing the show. I started listening about a year ago, and it became a much needed part of my morning routine. Of all the doom & gloom from global news updates, TGO was my breath of fresh air and happiness. I will miss the show and all the gaming news you brought. Thank you for everything!!!

  64. Good luck on your next adventure my morning friend. Hopefully luck will follow you as you travel the world and meet new people!

  65. Thank you to Adrian and the TGO staff for all the hard work you did to deliver gaming news on a daily basis. I first caught wind of this show back in May of 2021 and have been a fan ever since. I will surely miss the great effort from the TGO staff and Adrian’s voice in the morning talking about the freshest gaming news while I get ready for work on weekdays, the weekend shows, and the mailbag. This ending is bittersweet, but I can understand why. Get your ducks in row, be safe, and be well. Hopefully, we’ll hear from you and the team in the future.

    To Adrian and the staff of TGO: Thank you for everything. (I can’t stress that enough.)


  66. Mate, you should be so proud of what you did with TGO & the after-show. You’re a very talented writer and have always been entertaining to listen to. I fondly remember your coverage of the Blitzchung censorship (back in 2019 – wow!) and was proud of you for having the guts to freely speak your mind on the issue.

    Sorry to hear that your heart hasn’t been engaged with the show lately. As much as I enjoy TGO, I would rather it ends if it’s making you unhappy. I listened every night. It was part of my evening routine and would always settle my mind at the end of the day

    I wish you and your partner all the joy in the world. Enjoy your travels and the next chapter of your lives. I hope you find yourself a new passion soon, I’m sure whatever you turn your mind to it will be a success

    Thank you for everything. Take care, and for the last time – Happy Gaming 🙂

  67. Adrian,
    Your daily updates were like listening to a friend all these years. Pretty sure I hopped on the train early on and have religiously enjoyed your daily show and especially the after-show. My best wishes to you and yours old friend. Looking forward to supporting you in your future endeavors and hearing updates about your travels! Catch you on discord :] cheers!

  68. It was always great to hear TGO on my Alexa each morning as I woke up. One of the main reasons I still have my Alexa.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

  69. Hey man! It’s been awesome working with you these last several years. Without you and TGO, my life would be pretty different right now so thanks. Hopefully we get to do some TGO Radios in the future. Anything you’ve got up your sleeve, you know I’ll be in!

    Enjoy your world tour, my friend!

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